Welcome to this lenten retreat

Welcome to this retreat!

During Lent, we invite you to walk with your brothers and sisters in the Archdiocese of Gatineau. Together, we take the time to deepen our conviction that the Christian community helps us grow in our relationship to Christ. Written by people throughout the diocese, these reflections will allow us to pray with the theme presented each Sunday of Lent: Gathered in the name of Jesus, 1) we listen to the Word of God, 2) we learn who Jesus is; 3) we change our lives, 4) we are reconciled, and 5)we strive for holiness.

We invite you to register for this on-line retreat by providing your email in the sign-up box on this page. Invite friends and family members to join as well. You will receive an e-mail every day during Lent with a reflection and a prayer. Welcome to this on-line retreat!